How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify (Free and Fast)

There are a few tutorials only for how to add instagram feed to Shopify. The problem with doing it manually is that you need to create a section in your theme and apply for an Instagram API. Not only is this filled with technical jargon but it takes time.

Thankfully there is a new app that can do all this for you – in about 2 minutes and its free. With Instafeed you can do all sorts of ninja tricks with Instagram without doing any messing around with code.

If you have an active Instagram account then adding your Instagram feed to your store can add a dimension to your store and products that can set you apart from the competition.

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify Using Instafeed

Simply install the Instafeed App. You will need to log into your Instagram account to connect it with the app. Simple and nothing to it.

If you run multiple Instagram account then you also have the option to switch between accounts as well. Instafeed has a lot of options but the free version is quite limiting.

However, it is still more than good enough to display your feed on product pages and/or your home page.

You simply have to place their code snippet wherever you want to display your feed. From within the app you can control all styling and what/how you display your feed.

Showing Only Selected Items From Your Instagram Feed On Your Store

If you run a single product store then plugging in your Instagram feed is simple and straightforward. All your posts on Instagram will be relevant. Most stores however will have a selection of products and not all of them will be related.

If you are showing your Instagram feed on product pages or on collection pages then you will need to filter out what is or is not shown.

The Pro Version of Instafeed allows you to tag products in your Instagram feed. You can then pick what tages you want displayed and in that way only show relevant posts on your product or collection pages.

The Benefits of Adding An Instagram Feed To Shopify

Instagram is the second most used social network. Instagram posts are instantly recognizable to most people. Just like reviews, Instagram images instantly adds a level of credibility to your store.

If you have customers that post pictures of themselves using your product then this can be an incredibly powerful tool to add social proof to what you sell.

If you are using paid promotions with Instagram Influencers then you must use this on your store. It allows you to get some extra mileage out of these paid posts by displaying them on your store as well.

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