How To Upload Google Verification File To Shopify

Finding out how to upload Google verification file to Shopify can be incredibly confusing – especially if you are used to working in other online platforms.  Having your domain exclusively on Shopify makes it impossible to upload any files – unless you set up FTP which is not recommended.

Google uses the method of uploading unique files to your domain in order to verify domain ownership.  This is an incredibly important security measure that ensures no one else can be up to any shenanigans on your domain. 

Unfortunately it can be a pain to deal with these verification files in Shopify because uploading a unique html file to your shopify Store is not really possible.

Alternative to To Upload Google Verification File To Shopify

Fortunately there is an easy alternative to uploading Gooogle’s verification files to Shopify. Google always gives you an option to either upload a file to your domain OR to add a line of code to your domain.

In their eyes these are both equally secure and given that no one can access your Shopify dashboard but you, means that no one can get access to your domain.

Google uses the verification files for a number of things but the most common uses for Shopify will be:

1. Install Google Ads conversion tracking 

2. Google Merchant Center 

3. Google Webmaster Tools

To verify your domain with Google in Shopify is simple and all we need to do is to copy and paste the google verification tag into our Shopify theme files.

Step #1:  Copy the HTML tag from Google.  This will be similar for Google Ads, Merchant Center and Webmaster Tools. There will be an option for “HTML tag” – which is different from “HTML File” which is the default.

The HTML tag will be a single line of code in the format <meta name=”google-site-verification” contect=”random numbers”

This is what you need to copy

Step #2: Go back to Shopify.  Click Online Store >> Themes >> Actions >> Edit Code

Step #3:  Find your theme.liquid file and open it. To do this simply type “theme.liquid” into the search bar and open the file.

Step #4:  Paste the Google HTML tag just below the opening <head> of your theme file.

Step #5: Click save and go back to Google to verify that they can see the tag. please note that sometimes it can take a few minutes to update at Shopify’s end and it often does not verify if you do it immediately.

You can use this exact same trategy to claim or verify ownership of your domain and/or Shopify store with any other ad network or platform.

It is common for Pinterest, Snapchat and Bing to ask for this kind of verification. Simply follow the same logic – there might be some slight differences but the principle is the same.

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