Understanding Print on Demand Jewelry – An In-depth Guide

print on demand jewelry

Print on demand jewelry can be a real goldmine. While it is not “new” in terms of print on demand it most certainly is very unique product type to offer as a print on demand product.

This requires a very different approach to most other POD products since the design becomes less graphic and shifts from the relatively large scale of t shirts, tote bags and blankets to something really small.

This makes it easier and harder – depending on how you choose to look at it. Jewelry is a great product to sell online and it has proven itself over and over again.

Over the last 6 to 7 years I know of at least 3 Aliexpress necklaces that did more than $1 mil. in profit for dropshippers. Many more did similar numbers and most of them looked pretty cheap.

It is important to know early on where print on demand jewelry “sits” in the jewelry market. We are not selling luxury jewelry and we are not competing with Tiffany’s.

We are selling affordable everyday jewellery that women wear on a daily basis – not because it is fashionable or trendy but because it is meaningful to them.

Why Print on Demand Jewellery ?

Print on demand jewelry is fairly new and fresh. While Gearbubble has been selling basic necklaces for years, it’s only in the last few years that a few more players came on board.

This is a great print on demand product to jump into because it is not nearly as crowded as T-shirts, phone cases or even caps.

That is not the only reason why POD jewelry is great. Here are 7 reasons why jewelry is a great print on demand product.

1. Unique

Print on demand jewelry is something truly unique. It is jewelry that you can not buy in shops and in the world of print on demand it is something that is still completely unsaturated.

Surely this will change as more and more people catch on but this is a huge market. Maybe not as big as t shirts but there are similarities in terms of demand.

2. Jewelry is Evergreen

The jewelry market is evergreen. Even during the worse financial times, people buy it in droves. While jewelry sales tend to spike during valentines day and over the Xmas period, it does have very consistent sales year round.

Women have and always will love jewelry. It is a product that makes them feel good which means it will always be in demand.

3. Margins

One of the biggest problems with print on demand products is that the margins are razor thin. This makes it incredibly hard to be profitable if you run ads – especially on Facebook Ads where the costs have skyrocketed.

Print on demand jewelry offers us the opportunity for decent margins again. As a rule of thumb, you need to 3x your product costs to be able to be profitable when running ads. With T shirts, phone cases and caps this is impossible.

With Jewelry you can do even better and get as much as 5x your product costs.

4. No Need For (Complicated) Designs

Print on demand has evolved and the days of putting ugly text designs on a t shirt is well and truly over. Designing T shirts requires some level of design skill. Designing All over print products needs a graphic designer.

POD jewelry is small. The design area does not give you a lot of options for fancy graphics. This is great because it means that you do not need much design work.

Basic text designs work very well on jewelry.

5. Perfect For Customisation

Customization is the name of the game and it is one of the great advantages of in print on demand. It is proven to work well on almost every POD product type.

Jewelry lends itself perfectly to customization.


Because it is a very personal product. Unlike t shirts and caps, it is something that people have a much more personal relationship with.

6. Ideal for Gifting

Jewelry sales are predominantly driven by gifts. It is one of the most popular gifts to give – especially as intimate gifts.

What is significant about intimate gifts is that price becomes less of a barrier. People will spend good money on the people they love and care about. In fact, spending a few hundred dollars on a piece of jewelry is very common.

If you think about all the occasions when husbands and boyfriends buy special gifts for their significant other then it quickly adds up.

Jewelry is an easy choice for guys because they know that their significant other will love it. It is a no-brainer gift.

7. Perceived Value

One of the main reasons why print on demand jewellry is so much better than most other products is because of the perceived value.

The perceived value of jewelry is much higher than the perceived value of a piece of clothing. People will spend $100 on a piece of jewelry much more readily than $100 on a t shirt.

This allows us to easily sell a $10 necklace for $50 while a $10 t shirt will rarely sell for more than $30.

The 5 Commandments of Selling Print on Demand Jewelry

Selling print on demand jewelry may sound like the perfect opportunity at this point. In many ways it is but unless you understand the mindset behind selling in this space you will crash and burn.

It is vastly different from most other print on demand products out there. Below is my 5 commandments of selling print on demand jewelry.

1: Thou Shall Get Personal

We’ve already touched on this, but personalization of your jewelry products is a must. Adding a personal element to your products increases its value significant.

People have been personalising jewelry since forever. Its a natural part of the product and tapping into this is a great way to increase the perceived value of your product.

Simple engraving with a personal message and/or name is a great option. You can take this even further as some POD suppliers allow you to add photos ec.

Make sure you always include some sort of personalization – even if its just a name card in the box.

2: Thou Shall Not Sell “The Jewelry”

You may look at some of the POD jewelry and think that is not that great as jewelry. This is true to smoke extend but it is really important that you understand the psychology behind selling all POD products.

You are not selling the actual product. You are selling what the product represents. You can buy a t shirt for $5 from Walmart. Having a great design on it that speaks to your personality is why people pay $30 for it.

Jewelry takes this to the next level. It is often a gift that is meant to convey love. Love is one of the most powerful emotions.

When you are selling love instead of jewelry your entire approach to marketing changes.

3: Thou Shall Be a Gift

I’ve already mentioned this but its important to understand this when you start marketing your products. Very few people will buy a necklace for themselves that has in engraved with a special message.

There are some niches where this is the case but most of the time yu will be sell your print on demand jewelry to people who are giving it as a gift.

4: Thou Shall Target Women AND Men

The jewelry market is predominantly targeting women – at least from a print on demand point of view. I’ve seen a few products that could work for men but it will take a special effort to make that work.

Dog tags is definitely one option and there are entire stores built around just that one product type.

For the most part, your products need to target women BUT there is one incredibly important distinction. The majority of people buying from you will be men.

Remember that these are gifts and men will be a large percentage of your customers – buying gifts for their wives, girlfriends, moms, sisters and daughters.

5: Thou Shall Not Sell Crap

I can not stress this enough. If you sell crap products you will not be in business for long. This is true for any business but especially true for jewelry.

There is a certain expectation of quality with jewelry because people wear it intimately.

Then there is also the fact that it is a gift – and not any gift. It is a gift of love and if it looks cheap or poor quality then you will have a lot to answer for on your customer support emails.

The 7 Best Niches for Print on Demand Jewelry

The big question when it comes to any print on demand business is always niche selection. And so it should be. After all we are not selling the actual products but selling the ideas and the emotions behind the designs we put on these products.

Jewelry is a unique product type that is very different from most other print on demand products. It is deeply personal and your designs need to reflect this if you want to stand a chance at making it work.

In theory, any niche can “work” – it just needs to be reworked. What I mean by this is that you need to think really creatively in your niche and see if there are ways you can come up with some angle that is really personal.

A good example with this is what I’ve seen in some sports niches. The “Best Baseball Mom” necklaces killed it on mothers day. This idea was easily replicated to any other niche. Add personal engraving on the back and you have a winner.

Before you pass that idea on to your designer on Fiverr, wait! That ideas has been done to death and you will have to come up with something a bit more creative than that.

Below I’ve listed the 7 best niches for print on demand jewelry. These are all niches that lend themselves perfectly to jewelry and starting out in any of these will vastly increase your chances of success.

1. Bereavement Niches

By bereavement niches I am talking about any niche where people want to remember someone or something that is no longer here.

If someone loses a loved one, jewelry can be a great way to keep them close and remember them.

Another angle to bereavement niches is to commemorate tragic events or tragic days. These are very emotional things and selling on emotion can be very powerful.

There is a fine line to dread though. Personally I do not like to take advantage of people’s misfortune so be sure to use your own discretion.

2. Relationship Niches

These are the biggest niches for jewelry and if you get this right you will sleep well at night. People spend crazy amounts of money on the people they love – especially people they are in romantic relationships with.

Jewelry becomes a symbol of love at valentines day, on anniversaries and even on birthdays. If its personalized it really becomes a no-brainer.

3. Family Niches

Similar to relationship niches, family is incredibly important for most people. Showing your love and appreciation for you mom or your daughter can be sealed with a beautiful and deeply personal necklace or bracelet.

You can get very creative here when you start drilling down into special life events that involve the family. The birt of a child, graduations, first communions ec.

4. Pet Niches

Pet niches are often overlooked and present a huge opportunity. Many people love their pets as much as they love their kids.

The pet niche can be tied into some other ideas here like bereavement or “family”. People are proud of their pets and would happily wear a necklace with a picture of their fur baby on it.

5. Occupation Niches

Occupational niches cover niches where people have a particularly passionate relationship to what they do for a living. These are typically occupations where people are in service.

Nurses, police officers, fire fighters ec. They mostly do it for the love and not for the money and they are incredibly proud of it.

They usually also have family members who are incredibly proud of them for doing what they do and this is where you can step in and help out 🙂

6. Personal Milestone Niches

When people reach certain milestones in their life it can be very emotional. Jewelry is typically a way of either commemorating or reminding them of these milestones.

People who overcome cancer or reach sobriety milestones are great to target.

It can also tie in to occupational niches where people reach certain milestones in their careers.

7. Awareness Niches – LGBTY, Patriotism, Autism, Environmental

People who support certain causes often have very strong emotional connections to it. These are causes that they feel very strongly about to the point where it is part of who they are.

People who fight for LGTBY rights and people who are champions for a greener planet are two great examples.

Within this niche you can also look at causes that people want to build awareness in.

Coming Up With Niche Ideas For Print on Demand Jewelry

Coming up with ideas for your print on demand jewelry will depend a lot on your niche. Researching ideas for jewelry products is very different from what you would do when researching ideas for t shirts or most other print on demand products.

For most print on demand products you will be looking for funny and quirky things within the niches. That works on t shirts because those are the sorts of messages people like to have on their t shirts, caps, phone cases ec.

Jewelry is different. It is deeply personal and people won’t buy it if it has a funny saying.

What you need to look for is deep and meaningful ideas that people will have a personal attachment to.

Instead of searching Pinterest for the next big idea, think more along the lines of a Hallmark card.

Look at love poems, inspirational quotes and saying that people share like crazy on Facebook. In general you want to look for things that are really “soppy” and real tear-jerkers.

Once you find a few really good ones, start applying it to your niche and see how you can tweak the message to fit into your niche and what makes them tick.

A deep and meaningful messages, combined with a personalized engraving or message is a match made in heaven and the print on demand gods will shower you with cash.

The 6 Best Platforms For Print on Demand Jewelry


As far as I know, they were the first to have print on demand necklaces. For a long time they owned the space and in some ways they still do.

The reality is that their necklaces are ugly as f*ck! Despite that, it sells. There is a demographic that really love that style of necklace and it works.

It goes to show that it is not so much the actual jewelry as the message that people really buy.

To be fair to Gearbubble, they currently do have some high quality jewelry options and it is a great POD platfom.


Printful only recently added jewellery to their product line-up. I love Printful because it is such a robust and professional company to work with.

Their app rarely has any glitches and it is very rare to get a customer complaint about any of their products.

With that being said, they are quite expensive and their jewelry does not allow for a lot of designing from your end. Nevertheless, it can work well with simple 1-line text designs.

They also offer customization which is native to their Shopify app. And it means there is no additional setup required from your end.


Printify is one of the biggest print on demand providers with an amazing Shopify app. They are an aggregator app – meaning that they are merely acting as a middleman between you and the print house.

They use Troupe Jewelry for their fulfillment. It is pretty good looking and is definitely a unique style of jewelry – and it lends itself perfectly to print on demand designs.

They do not offer customization as part of their Shopify app. You will have to do this on your own with 3rd party apps.


Beeoux have a lot of interesting jewelry products. Their main products are laser cut and laser engraved stainless steel necklaces. The ability to shape products is unique and with a bit of creativity you can come up with some great designs.

Their Shopify app does not have any native customization options and you will have to do that with 3rd party apps.

They also have a GREAT dog ID tag which is a very underground product that can do very well in dog niches.

WC Fulfillment

WC Fulfillment started with their famous wallet phone cases and has since branched out to a number of other successful products.

One of their unique products is print on demand watches. You may argue that a watch is not jewelry but in many ways it fits right into the same psychology for buyers.

It is a deeply personal item and you can translate a lot of your jewelry ideas to watches.

They have a lot of great design resources and a lot of information on how you can personalize their products.


ShineOn deserves a blog post of their own. They have redefined print on demand in many ways and they specialize only in print on demand jewelry.

They do almost everything right and they really understand print on demand – perhaps better than any other POD provider out there.

Their products are high quality, well made and specifically designed for print on demand. They have a great range of products and their app is second to none.

They offer custom engraving on (almost) all products and it is really easy to configure on your store as it is native to their app. It is also super easy to offer engravings as an upsell which is a great idea in any niche.

They have recently also added photo uploads and 3D jewelry that come with a personalized name card which is a killer product for valentines day and perfect for print on demand.

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is not your usual place to go looking for print on demand. I’ve mentioned them a few times in previous posts about dropshipping but what very few people know about is their vast print on demand catalog.

They are based in China but they have a lot of fast shipping options. When it comes to jewelry they have a lot of really great products.

What I really like about CJ Dropshipping’s print on demand jewelry is that it looks more like “normal jewelry”. Its not your typical print on demand products.

They have a lot of capacity for personalization but it is not native to their app. With a little bit of effort you can come up with some really unique products.

If you are an established seller they can personalise almost any product for you – and offer custom packaging!

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