Print On Demand Stickers, Print on Demand Greeting Cards & 10 Other Untapped POD Products

Print On Demand Stickers, Print on Demand Greeting Cards

Print on demand stickers, socks, greeting cards and many new types of POD products has injected some much needed energy into POD.

If your POD business was getting a bit stale then its time to add some fresh new products that is guaranteed to inject some new energy into your product catalogue.

For far too long, print on demand was stuck with clothing. T-Shirts and hoodies was hot for some time as it was new and novel.

Creating niche stores and selling funny and cute T-shirts was very profitable – even with Facebook ads.

It was too easy though and a number of factors has made it almost impossible to profit with these items on the front end.

T-shirts and hoodies is still a staple for many stores but if you want to set yourself apart then I have 10 super hot Print On Demand products that absolutely work.

The good news is that these products are not saturated and relatively untapped – even in very competitive niches.

Does Your Print on Demand Store Have This Yet?

Before we dig into these hot print on demand products, there is one important element that needs to be part of your print on demand business in 2020 and beyond.

That is personalisation.

You need to offer this on almost all your products.

Even if your POD supplier does not include this by default in their app, you need to add customization to your Shopify store. There are a number of apps that allow you do do this quite easily.

It does require some more works as you will have to manually edit graphics for each order.

It may sound like it is a lot of work and it is! It is totally worth it though. Not only can you command much higher prices but it will give your designs an edge over any lazy competitors.

The options with doing your own product customization is just so much better than what any of the current POD apps offer. It will set you apart and leave your competitors scratching their heads.

It will also make it very hard to get copied – or at least offer another hoop that many copycats won’t jump through.

Here are 10 hot print on demand products to add to your store. Not every products will suit every niche and you need to use some common sense.

Most of the time you can massage a product to match your store and nice though.

1. Print On Demand Stickers

Print On Demand Stickers

I love print on demand stickers because it is so completely untapped. Stickers are cheap items and it may seem like it is impossible to profit from them but there are some sneaky tricks that can help you push these into profit.

Most people do not buy just one sticker. As a minimum you need to offer them as a bundle of 3 or 5. Shipping costs forces you to use bundling as the shipping costs more than the stickers.

For print on demand stickers I would recommend either Printful or Gooten. Printful offers both Kiss Cut and Square stickers. It comes in 4 different sizes and you can include transparency in your design.

Teelaunch also offer stickers. They have standard square, circle and rectangular stickers but then they also offer personalized stickers that allow users to upload a photo.

You essentially design a frame and the users then uploads a picture – and the best part is that this all comes standard with the Teelaunch app.

What works with print on demand stickers:

The most obvious use of stickers is bumper stickers. They are quite low value though so I would add personalization to help increase the perceived value.

Stick Figure window stickers are also super popular and if you can incorporate that into your niche it can work really well.

The biggest market for stickers however is teenagers. Putting stickers on their laptops, skateboards, skooters and even phones. Catching on to trends and catch-phrases can work incredibly well.

2. Print On Demand Greeting Cards

Print On Demand Greeting Cards

Print on demand greeting cards can be a great product in the right niche. You can use this for so many things but if you just do a funny birthday card in your niche and offer personalization then you have a winner.

If you think about your customers – all of them have friends who most likely are in that niche too. These cards can be used for many different ideas as well.

Invitations, announcements (pregnancy, birth, death) ec.

Print on demand greeting cards work incredibly well over the Xmas season. Many families still send out greeting cards and well wishes to their entire family.

There are a number of suppliers for print on demand cards. I really like Teelaunch for this as they have cards with front or cards with front and back prints.

They also provide envelopes with multi set options for 10, 30 or 50 cards.

What Works with Print on demand greeting cards:

Any niche can work providing that you can create an angle around Xmas cards or special notices. For the most part, family niches are perfect. If you are already selling necklaces to moms and grandmas then you can leverage the same targeting.

You absolutely must do this with personalization – otherwise you are just competing with Hallmark Cards. Generic niche cards can work but it needs to have a great angle.

Pregnancy announcements, birth announcements and first birthday party cards is huge in niches for new moms and this is where I would start.

The next best place to start would be with businesses. Most small to medium size service based businesses (like lawyers, doctors, accountants ec.) send out Xmas cards to their clients.

You can approach businesses directly. Its a bit off the beaten track but there are people making a full time income doing just this alone.

3. Print On Demand Journals

Print On Demand Journals

Print on demand journals is a massive untapped market. Despite iPads and computers, people still use notepads to write things down – especially with journaling. Its mostly a female audience but of you are in any entrepreneur niche then this can work.

Success journals, gratitude journals and food journals are insanely popular. When you look at the generic options is is quite bland and boring though.

This blank journal by Killstar has a great cover that appeals directly to their niche.

Journals make for great gifts and if you can offer personalization then print on demand journals can be your next big thing. I also like the pricing.

You can get them printed for $6ish to $10ish on Printify and easily sell for $30 plus.

What Works with print on demand journals:

As I already mentioned, any niche where journaling is common practise will eat these up. Success journals, gratitude journals, food journals, weight lifting journals, weight loss journals, fishing journals ec. The list goes on and on.

In most niches you can make this work – especially if your audience is female. Since these print on demand journals are either blank or ruled inside you can re-purpose it for many things.

It does not have to be a journal per say either.

How about a wedding photobook? Or a guestbook? Or a blank recipe book? Or a workbook for school?

The options are endless and I believe that personalization is the key factor to being successful with journals.

4. Print On Demand Socks

Print On Demand Socks

How many pairs of socks do you own? The average person has at least a dozen or so. Print on demand socks are hot. Socks is a funny piece of clothing and unlike a shirt, people are much more relaxed about their socks.

With print on demand socks, cute and funny sells. We’ve all seen the car socks, the mismatching socks and even the funny wine socks.

These are all great examples but none are better than the chicken legs socks that is currently selling like crazy.

Who would have thought!?

There are a few options for print on demand socks. Printful have great quality socks but you can only print on the ankle. Printify offers sublimation socks that allows you to print all over.

What Works with print on demand socks:

What is proven to work with socks is funny “face” socks. Allowing customers to print a pattern of a family member’s face on a pair of socks went down a treat and people love it.

This is still successful and has been down with dogs and cats too. This is now very saturated.

You will need to come up with a unique twist to make that idea work. Cute patterns also work. Making a cute sock pattern for your niche is not that hard and can be massively successful.

You can also print sayings on to socks and that can work to some extent but its not what print on demand socks are best known for.

Coming up with ideas like the funny chicken legs socks is gold and is the type of product that can go viral.

5. Print On Demand Scarves

Print On Demand Scarves

Most women love scarves. It is one of those fashion accessories that women have multiples of and something you can take advantage of.

Print on demand scarves appeal largely to an older female demographic and if this fits in with your niche it can work incredibly well.

There are a number of different scarf types you can use for print on demand. CustomCat has more traditional wool scarves and they offer embroidery on them.

Embroidery limits your design freedom to some extent though.

Teelaunch has a very simple print on demand scarf that I really like. It is also embroidered but it is very simple. With the standard app your customers can print any initials. There are quite fashionable and stylish looking.

Printify offers all-over-print scarfs but they are polyester and a bit more old fashioned. AOP+ has a GREAT scarf that is super trendy. The Morf Scarf can be worn in a variety of ways and you can get very creative with your design and prints.

What Works with Print On Demand Scarves:

Winter scarfs like those offered by CustomCat are seasonable and offering embroidery that is personalized can work with any nice as this can be great gifts.

With poly scarfs it has to be patterns or some sort of graphic as funny sayings does not really work with these types of scarfs.

With the monogram scarfs I would suggest you target gift givers – especially mothers day.

The money is definitely in AOP+ Morf Scarf. I would target cool design to winter sports and even hunters/hiking or camping niches where this product is naturally in high demand.

6. Print On Demand Water Bottles

Print On Demand Water Bottles

Print on demand water bottles has been around for some time. The problem is that it has been the same ugly metal bottle with a small print area.

It was also quite expensive and looked too much like the ones you can buy in Walmart for $5.

Thanks to the worldwide awareness of the dangers of plastic bottles, water bottles is a huge market. Print on demand has caught on and there are now a few great options that allow you to create stunning prints.

Gooten offers a peristyle water bottle with vacuum insulation and available in a variety of colours.

Your design will be etched into the paint to reveal the stainless steel underneath.

What Works With Print On Demand Water Bottles:

Since these water bottles are quite fashionable it really can work in any niche. It does appeal a bit more to the female market but using funny sayings and text base designs is the way to go.

Most women take a water bottle to work, so targeting occupations is a great place to start. You can take all those killer nurse designs and put them on a water bottle. It is completely untapped.

7. Print On Demand Canvas

You can quite easily customize this with Photoshop

Print on demand canvas has been around for some time and it is definitely not an untapped product. It does however still have a lot of room for growth in the right niches and with the right designs.

With dwindling profit margins in POD, this one hits the spot. With canvas prints you can still get decnet margins. It is a product with a high perceived value and you have a lot of design freedom.

Not to beat a dead horse but offering personalized canvases is the way to success. CustomCat offers personalization as standard with their app. It allows you to do so many cool designs its not funny.

What works with Print On Demand Canvas:

Any niche can work but you have to ask yourself, what do people want to put on their walls? Cool and flashy designs in their passion/hobby niche is one thing. Sentimental and personal canvases is another.

This is where we should focus our attention. People spend a lot on sentimental items. Wedding anniversaries, the birth of their kids, major accomplishments ec. Are all ideas we can build on to create unique canvas art that sells!

Do not attempt to put generic art from free stock sites on to a canvas and hope it will sell. That ship has sailed.

8. Print On Demand Posters

What I like about Print On Demand Posters is that it is a natural companion for canvas art. If you do one then you should definitely do the other.

With posters, you can sell them as “unframed” wall art. This has a much higher perceived value.

Print sizes are standard and so is frame sizes. Most people can buy a frame they like from Walmart for a few dollars. You can even recommend frames for them to buy.

Poster are super cheap to print and Customcat, Teelaunch, Printify, Printful and Gooten all over them in a variety of sizes and finishes.

What Works With Print On Demand Posters:

Pretty much everything that works on a canvas can work on a poster. With posters there are also a few other ideas that you can explore. Since a poster is cheaper and a lot less timeless you can think of more short term uses.

One great idea is to use them as placemats for weddings or birthday parties. You will need to find the cheapest prints you can but it will allow you to make multiple sales per customer.

Another great idea I recently saw was someone selling “Vision Boards” – if you know The Secret then you will know what this is.

You have to get creative to make this work however.

9.Print On Demand Blankets

Print On Demand Blankets is not exactly new but it is still new enough for it to be relevant. Blankets offer a huge print surface that makes it great for big designs.

To some extent blankets are seasonal but there are many ways to make blankets evergreen.

If you think about who uses a blanket then it starts opening your eyes a bit. Most people like to snuggle up to a blanket in front of the TV on chilly nights.

Many women like to use it as decoration over their beds. Older people usually have a blanket close by to throw over their legs.

Kids however always have blankets. Most toddlers have a blanket that they are obsessed with. Babies always have blankets and it is one of the top gifts on any registry.

Customcat offers a variety of sizes and it works with their personalization that is built into the app. Gooten, Printify, Teelaunch and Prinful all offer great blankets too.

What Works with Print On Demand Blankets:

Sports niches can work well – especially winter sports where people watch outside. Be careful with copyrights on team names and colours though.

For more evergreen blankets I would high recommend baby and children’s niches. Milestone blankets are a staple for many Etsy stores but offering personalisation is a must.

8. Print On Demand Dog Clothing

Print On Demand Dog Clothing

Pet niches are huge. People spend as much money on their pets as they do on their kids. Print on demand dog clothing is what I believe to be the hottest item for 2020 with many more to come.

There are a few dog bandanna’s around on several POD suppliers. However, Subliminator’s Dog Zip-Up Hoodies is DA BOMB! Not only are there super cute and you can just see how dog owners will love them.

They are also sublimation products that allow you to print all over so you have a big blank canvas to play with.

You can come up with a lot of funny stuff by just doing a little Googling.

What Works With Print On Demand Dog Clothing:

Targeting different pet breeds is the key here. If you can match a design to a breed then you have gold.

Understanding the owners of different breeds is important and if you can combine these with different niches (especially sports niches) you can have a viral product. Do not sleep on this one.

9. Stemless Wine Tumblers

Stemless wine tumblers is not really that “new” in POD but it has been blowing up the last year. Its a great product and something that people really use – and love.

Don’t believe me? Check out Piper Lou. They sell thousands of these and have built a super successful POD store around tumblers (they do offer other products too).

You can find these stemless wine tumblers from Gooten and they offer sublimation which gives you a lot of design freedom.

You can also find them on Teelaunch but only with monochrome laser etching.

What Works with Print On Demand Wine Tumblers:

Younger females love these especially with cheeky and funny sayings. One niche where these are particularly successful is with hen’s parties or hen’s weekends.

Essentially any niche where you can target groups of younger females you can see success. Sports, wine, music and even #momlife niches love these.

10. Quilts

Yeah, I know Quilts are for old people, right? Wrong! You would be amazed how popular quilts are.

These POD quilts can be found at Pillow Profits and they are blowing up big time.

Its a really unique product at a great price point. It lends itself perfectly to niche stores – especially ones that appeal to an older female demographic.

What Works with Print On Demand Quilts:

The obvious choice is any mom or grandma niche and if you can personalize the quilts with family names and/or pictures you will be printing money.

Camping and outdoor niches seem to really like these as well but to be honest, you can make this work for any niche where you can target older women.

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