Shopify Product Reviews? Loox Reviews To The Rescue

Trust is a big deal when it comes to making online sales. If a customer feels like they do not trust your store then no amount of pictures, trust badges or copywriting will convince them otherwise. Shopify product reviews can make a huge difference in your store’s trust factor – and eventually how well it converts.

Product reviews are powerful because it taps into basic human psychology. When we see others doing something we are far more likely to do the same.

If you land on a store with lots of positive customer reviews it can dramatically change your perception of that store and its products.

Amazon has set the bar for product reviews. Most people will read product reviews before buying something on Amazon. We know its authentic and we can see what real customers think and say. They usually also post pictures.

Amazon used product reviews with huge success. In fact, reviews on Amazon are highly sought after by Amazon sellers just because it has so much value to both Amazon’s algorithm and potential customers.

If you run a Shopify store and you do not have product reviews then its time we do something about that.

3 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Needs Product Reviews

1.Creates Credibility and Makes it Believable

When you land on a store that has no reviews and no testimonials it immediately creates suspicion. It has become so standard (mainly thanks to Amazon) that people are now looking for it.

When someone sees testimonials and product reviews it immediately eases their mind – even if they don’t read it.

It makes them think that this store is selling products, they are shipping products and customers are receiving products. The first and initial objection gets ticked off and they continue looking.

2.Removes Customer Objections

When someone lands on your Shopify store and you have a product they like, they are actually looking for reasons NOT to buy. They like the product, they want it but now they have a series of objections in their mind that they need to “tick off” before they give you their credit card information.

Trust is a big deal.

  • Can they trust you to deliver a product that matches what they see on the screen?
  • Can they trust you to deliver the product to them in a timely fashion?
  • Can they trust you to handle potential issues that may arise during shipping and processing?
  • Can they trust you to handle issues that come up if something is wrong with the product?

These are all questions that run through a customer’s mind. Now, you can write a lot about this, have guarantees ec. But nothing deals with these objections more powerfully than customer reviews.

If you sell a product that is popular and gets a lot of reviews then these issues will get addressed in the reviews.

It is far more effective for your customers to get answers to these questions from other customers who are “just like them”.

Product reviews and customer reviews removes customer objections by letting other customers answer these questions for them.

Sometimes it is the only way to remove these objections.

People usually do not believe what is written about products if it is written in product descriptions. Most people have been burned by an online purchase at some point.

Fancy copywriting and product descriptions can be deceptive – and your customers know this.

3. Helps tell the story about your product(s)

People don’t really buy products. They buy what these products mean to them, how it makes them feel and what the products represent.

If your Shopify store does a great job at telling the “story” about your product(s) and the ideas behind your products then you will see a significantly higher conversion rate compared to stores that just sell products.

It is not an easy task because you really have to tap into your customer’s mindset and emotions. Over time you will start to understand your customers and get better at this.

Customer reviews is a quick and easy “cheat” to help you do this. It allows your customers to tell the story for you. When a customer buys a product and they love it, they will write about it in a review.

What they say will most likely be what resonates with other potential customers and that is exactly what you want. No copywriter in the world can come up with that sort of information.

How To Add Product Reviews To Your Shopify Store

You will need to add an app if you want to display product reviews on your store. Some themes come with this built in but I would not recommend it.

Shopify has a (free) review app but. It is quite robust but very basic. You want to be able to style the app to fit into your overall site and look like it is part of your store – not something that was slapped on.

You will also need a lot of functionality that a basic app just won’t give you.

There are a number of review apps and they all do certain things better than others. Yotpo is one of the most popular. It easily integrates with most stores and you can style the look and feel with some CSS skills.

What I really like about Yotpo is that you can add authentic and verified reviews. With a lot of apps you can fake reviews but Yotpo integrates with your store to collect reviews from verified buyers.

You can even hook it up to your email provider and include review requests as part of your email sequence.

Now some customers might look for that but most won’t. In the end, you want your store to be authentic. Fake reviews never work. Be real and be authentic.

Yotpo’s look and feel is based on Amazon and it looks and works very similar. It has a sense of familiarity since most people are used to shopping on Amazon.

Another big tick for Yotpo is their integration with Google Ads and Facebook ads. It allows you to display your store/product’s rating alongside your ads.

Providing you have great reviews, this can give your ads a nice bump in CTR and even affect your store’s conversion rate.

Loox Reviews

Yotpo is mostly for written reviews and while those are great I would highly recommend that you go for photo reviews.

You want your customers to post pictures of them using the product. These are the types of reviews that work incredibly well.

If you think about Instagram and Instagram influencers – this is why it works.

It shows normal people in everyday life using your product(s).

That is what appeals to people in a world where everything can be faked. People want to see something that is “real” and unedited.

This is where Loox Reviews comes in. It is one of my top recommended apps at the moment as it allows you to add great looking photo reviews on your store – right on the product pages (or just about anywhere).

Lets face it, people don’t have the time to read a lot. Most people just scan images and if your store and your product pages is filled with photo reviews then you have won half the battle.

When someone can quickly scan your product page and see loads of happy customers using your product(s) it immediately creates a sense of trust.

There’s a lot you can do with Loox reviews and you can place it almost anywhere in your store. You can easily style it and display reviews in many different ways throughout your store.

With Loox Reviews on your Shopify store it will almost instantly look like your store is “open for business” and a busy and active store with a lot of customers.

Loox Reviews is not free but it is worth it. The boost it will give your conversion rates will make it pay for itself.

If you are a dropshipper then you simply cannot live without Loox reviews.


Because there is a nifty little trick that you can use as a dropshipper to instantly add dozens of photo reviews to your product pages.

Adding Product Reviews To a New Dropshipping Store

When you start a new dropshipping store you have no sales and no customers. It is impossible to add reviews and even if you start collecting reviews from day one it can take months to build up a good amount of reviews.

This is where Loox reviews comes to play for dropshipping. It will allow you to Import product reviews from Aliexpress and place them on your store.

Loox can import these photo reviews from Aliexpress and post them (beautifully) on your Shopify store

Aliexpress vendors all collect reviews – many of them with photos. It is a big part of their ranking factor so they are quite aggressive in obtaining product reviews.

This is amazing for us because we can just look through all the listings that sell our product(s) and grab those reviews and put them on our store.

There are a lot of filters you can use with Loox when importing reviews to your store from Aliexpress but I would recommend you stick to those with photos only. A lot of the reviews will be in foreign languages and loox will automatically translate these for you.

Is this a legit way to get Shopify product reviews?

I think it is but some might not agree. In the end this is not there to deceive customers since we are showing only reviews of the exact product we are selling.

Asking For Product Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Any store needs to have a strategy for collecting product reviews. It is an asset and something that has real value long term.

Obviously you need to sell quality product and have great customer service otherwise you will struggle to collect great reviews worthy of being posted on your store.

With this being said, I would encourage you to not only post good reviews. There are always some bad reviews and by including these you gain trust because it shows transparency and honesty.

A standard way to do this is to wait 2 to 3 days until after your customer received their parcel (you can set this up with your email client like Klayvio). Then email them and ask for a review.

Always offer something in return for a review.

Loox makes it easy to offer discounts in exchange for reviews.

Ask your customer for an honest review and to include pictures. In return offer them a 20% discount or store credit. That way you can get repeat business while still collecting good reviews.

Product Review On Facebook and Instagram

One area of product reviews that is often overlooked by many Shopify and dropshipping stores is the comments, reviews and complains on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

This is often the first place people go to complain or to vent about a bad experience with your store.

You want to stay ahead of this.

You could just delete bad comments if they are on your store’s product page but it is far better if you respond. By posting highly professional responses and working with customers to resolve issues it builds a lot of credibility.

Just deleting bad comments can backfire so be warned.

On Facebook you can filter out a lot of comments by simply using the built in tools Facebook offers the page admins.

Blendjet, one of the most famous “dropshipping stores” has integrated their Instagram feed beautifully on their home page. A great way to showcase their products in-use even though a lot of it is paid promotions.

Instagram however is a goldmine for harvesting great product reviews. Happy customers will often post pictures using your product. Instagram is a visual network and if your product is post worthy you can harvest these posts and use them as product review images.

This works great for clothing and other fashion and beauty products because these are the things people post everyday anyway.

If you use Instagram influencers to promote your products you should consider inclusinhg your Instagram feed on your Shopify store. This will act as another for of product reviews and something that people like to look at.

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