Shopify – Where is theme.liquid ? Where To Find Your Store’s theme.liquid File

Your Shopify store’s theme.liquid file is one of the main components of your store’s theme. Most apps that you install will need to embed their code in this file so it is very useful to know where to find it.

All themes are slightly different and the file might not always be in the same place. The easiest way to find your Shopify store’s theme.liquid file is simply to go to:

Online Store >> Themes >> Actions >> Edit Code

theme.liquid file for shopify theme

In the search bar type in “theme”. This will search for all files with the word “theme”. You will see your theme.liquid file. Simply click on it and you can now edit the file.

Warning: Before You Make Any Edits to Your Shopify Store’s theme.liquid File

Before you make any edits I would highly recommend you make a copy of your theme. That way you can easily restore your entire theme and know that things will be working.

Simply go to:

Online Store >> Themes >> Actions >> Duplicate

shopify theme.liquid locate

Be sure to give the duplicate a name with a date and time. This always help if you need to revert back to the copy after a few days or weeks.

If you are using a third party theme that you bought outside of Shopify then there will be ample documentation and/or help on locating your theme.liquid file.

It is also worth pointing out that any apps or edits that you make to your theme.liquid file will need to be done again when you switch themes. This is a really important consideration when switching themes so keep that in mind.

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