Help! Which Shopify Plan Should I Choose? Which Shopify Plan For Dropshipping?

Which Shopify plan should I use for dropshipping? This is a very common question and the short answer is to just go for the Basic Plan at $29 per month. If you are dropshipping you will probably be using Oberlo of Dropified to help you list and fulfill orders.

Both Oberlo and Dropified will work perfectly fine with the Basic Shopify plan if you want to know which Shopify plan for dropshipping. Both of these apps will require an upgrade from the free plans if you want to start automating your order fulfillment.

The “golden rule” is to limit your expenses as much as possible until your store “works”.

When your store becomes profitable and money starts flowing in, then it becomes much easier to spend money to make your store more profitable and to ease your workload in running the store.

It may look better to choose a higher Shopify plan because of the lower fees. Do not let this tempt you.

On the Basic Shopify Plan your fees will vary from 2.7& to 2.9% (plus 30c) per transaction. At first you may think this is not much but fees quickly add up.

If you consider the fact that the average margin is about 20% to 30% then taking a 3% cut is huge.

which shopify plan for dropshipping
The Basic Shopify plan gives you all the features you need to run a successful dropshipping store. The fees are slightly higher but until you store starts doing $1k/day or more it won’t make a big difference.

Don’t let this put you off. Making your store work at the higher rate simply means that once you do decide to upgrade you can cut this fee to about 2.5%.

The benefits of having the higher plan is minimal for dropshippers. It allows you 2 staff accounts which means you can easily hire someone to do customer support and someone to upload products and still be fine.

Before You Choose a Shopify Plan for Dropshipping…

Shopify use to offer free trials up to 4 weeks but this was abused and they have since cancelled ALL free trails that goes beyond 2 weeks.

Getting a 14 day fee trail is still a huge help and you simply have to make use of this. It gives you 14 days to build your store and get everything set up. In theory you will only start paying your Shopify subscription once your store is running and (hopefully) generating sales.

Personally, I would like to see them offer a 4 week free trail again as it really takes more than 2 weeks to build a proper store and get your traffic sorted out.

All things considered, Shopify is still the easiest and most versatile platform.

WordPress and Woocommerce can certainly be much cheaper as you only have to pay for hosting but getting it set up does require a lot more work and a lot more know-how.

For me, the biggest benefit of using Shopify for dropshipping is just how many apps and tools are available – apps and tools that is not available for Woocommerce.

So, stop wondering what Shopify plan should I choose for dropshipping and just pick the basic plan and get started.

The time will never be perfect! The only stores and ideas that truly fail are the ones you do not build.

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